1. Feeding planes
Using channel made both ends distribution semicircle axis copper block inner circle done sliding bushings. Coil is fixed on axis by a centering coil axis to realize free volume level. It is simple operated and without power.
  1. Feeding and uncoil technology
The coil is put into feeding roller bu feeding plane. Start the electrical motor, then the coil is automatically feeding in and straightening. Flatness is adjusted by adjusting screw. Very convenient.
  1. Bracket and shearer
The uncoil length is up to the customer. Steel channel is as holder. With adding wheel above or angle frame, the sheet metal is sliding forward. When meeting the needed dimension, the photoelectric switch control to stop the motor. Press the shear button and the plate uncoil is finished.

Model Plate width and thickness Motor power Dimension Roller Smoothness Location size
ZDW43J-3*1600 1600*3mm 7.5kw 21000*2300*1400mm 11 2 1-3mm/m
ZDW43J-4*1600 1600*4mm 11kw 26000*2500*1500mm 11 3 1-3mm/m
ZDW43J-6*1800 1800*6mm 22kw 26000*2600*1600mm 11 3 1-3mm/m
ZDW43J-8*1600 1600*8mm 30kw 26000*2800*1700mm 11 3 1-3mm/m
ZDW43J-8*1800 1800*8mm 30kw 26000*2900*1700mm 11 3 1-3mm/m
ZDW43J-10*1800 1800*10mm 37kw 26000*3500*1900mm 11 3 1-3mm/m
ZDW43J-12*1800 1800*12mm 45kw 28000*3500*1900mm 11 3 1-3mm/m